Monday, October 10, 2011


Once a year Mr. R. and I get to relive our honeymoon in Greece. Five years ago we spent two weeks island hopping in the Mediterranean. We saw ancient temples, we swam in the ice cold sea, toured the ruins, soaked up sun in Mykonos, and rode the donkey of death in Santorini. We also ate as many gyros and dolmas as our bellies could handle. 

The second weekend in October means one thing to us. GREEK FEST! The local Greek Orthodox church puts on a festival with music, dancing, crafters, and most importantly FOOD. This year we took Pip and she loved the music and dancing. She would have been content to hangout in the music tent all day. 
 Mr. R. and I decided Greek dessert is where it's at. Baklava, honey cookies, baked doughnuts, and a shredded wheat dessert that was beyond amazing. 
Only 365 days until the next one. 

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