Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miss Independent

Miss Pip has been eating solid foods for one week now. 
 We started with rice cereal and then introduced apples, sweet potatoes and carrots. 
She loved rice cereal until we entered the world of fruits and veggies. Now snubs her little cup of cereal and will hold out for the good stuff. Pip has become a great eater. She hasn't given us any trouble about using her highchair, sitting at the table, or using the spoon. Until... tonight.
Tonight all she wanted to do was grab the spoon and feed herself. The end result was more sweet potatoes on Pip than in Pip. Thank goodness bathtime comes right after dinner time. 

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  1. Good for Pip. Fruits and veggies way better for you than rice! This article even says it's on the "out"