Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Someone is 5 months old!

This little girl is a drama queen!
 She is a smiler, a squealer, and a screamer.
She LOVES attention and will flirt, smile, and coo until she gets your FULL attention.
Piper has officially learned to roll over and today she scooted forward across our bed inchworm style.
Her hair is starting to come in lighter and her eyes continue to change from green to brown to grey. 
Piper loves music and dancing. We often have baby dance parties to nursery rhymes and 80s music before bathtime. 
I am back to running and Pip is a willing participant for my 2.5-3 miler. She loves when the wind goes through her hair and even though we aren't going very fast she loves the ride. It also puts her to sleep for about 20 minutes.
This month has been my favorite thus far. Pip is simply amazing. Her smiles make my day each morning and I literally run out work so I can get home to read her stories, play on the mat, and listen to her babble about her day. Parenting is hard and scary and crazy and most days I think I am doing everything wrong, but then, I look at how perfect and amazing she is and I know now matter what it is worth it. 


  1. Love the pumpkin in the pumpkin pics, and your words are always so beautiful too.

  2. Happy five months birthday Precious Piper. You look adorable in your pumpkin hat. You were sooooo cute in your football uniform but you just take my breath away as a pumpkin. Love and kisses and kisses and kisses and kisses. Granny Faye

  3. OMG, I just saw these again since I read your blog before it popped up in my Reader, and I love the pictures even more this morning. ...I think I want one.

  4. Love! I need to see that sweet baby face again soon! It's bee too long!