Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy First Halloween! (from Aunt Nicole)

My BFF sent Pip the most adorable package today!
She wanted to make sure Pip's first Halloween was stellar and she DID NOT disappoint.
Pip was most excited about the pop-up book. As I type this, Pip is still holding onto her book, 4 hours after we first opened it! She is also a fan of the teething ring and baby ora-jel. (I am a sucker for advertising and I love that one was labeled "license to drool".)
Nicole lives almost 800 miles away, but we stay in touch through texts and blogging. She wrote me/Pip the sweetest card and mentioned that she had read we were trying to make our own baby food. In an effort to keep Pippy healthy and organic she also included a BABY MAGIC BULLET. 
I am so grateful to my sweet friend! And I promise we will be going to the farmer's market ASAP and making you proud with all of our healthy choices!
We LOVE you and MISS you Nicole!

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  1. Awesome, can't wait to read how the baby-food making process goes.