Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Republicans are HERE!

Mr. R's parents arrived in Florida yesterday and Miss Pip is VERY excited. There has been laughing, squealing, lots of playtime. and Elmo even made an appearance. Piper is loving showing off her new skills, such as sticking out her tongue, pulling up her shirt, and making raspberries. I also have competition in the first word department. Mr. R's dad is insisting she say Pop-pop. I am still betting that Mama will be her first word, but it looks like I might have my work cut out for me :) 
 I know it isn't quite holiday season, but with our family gathered around it feels a little bit like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one. Our table looks so much better when all the chairs are full. Our house seems more cheerful and we feel a little more connected to "home". We just love having family here!

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