Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paleo is the new black.

In the past two weeks it seems like everyone everywhere is going Paleo. Sharon, Darby, the girls at my gym... are all giving the Paleolithic diet a try. I have to admit it peaked my interest, so I researched and read and tossed a few more blogs into my reader.
And this weekend I meal planned, grocery shopped the produce aisle, threw on my apron, and entered my kitchen with much excitement.
 On Sunday I made egg cupcakes. Eggs, zucchini, onion, and spinach with bacon. Easy recipe. And the result resembles Sam I Am's green eggs and ham. I like these a lot and have been eating two daily for breakfast. Mr. R. is pretending he doesn't see them when he looks in the fridge.
 I also made ribs on Sunday. I followed John McCain's seasoning rub (garlic, salt, pepper, and lemons) and placed them in the crock for 7 hours. We ate ours with sweet potatoes with butter and honey.
Monday night brought curried chicken salad over romaine. (I loosely followed this recipe from Paula Deen and this recipe from PW. I used one tablespoon of curry, one apple, one pear, 1/3 cup of craisins, and no mayo).
 Tonight I made steak with smashed broccoli. The steak was actually a freezer find from when my in-laws visited in June. It too was made in the crock-pot and seasoned with white wine, A1 steak sauce, and dijon mustard.  I used this recipe from Stephanie O'Dea as a guide. The smashed broccoli comes from the brain of Tyler Florence and it is definitely worth trying. 
I can't say we are full blown Paleo, but I am trying and the benefit of following a high protein, high veg, low carb diet as that I am getting in ALL of my healthy guidelines for weight watchers. Paleo has me eating more often but I am still under my 31 daily weightwatcher points. I have my weekly weigh in on Saturday so I can fill you in on any pounds lost/gained/or maintained later this week. 

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