Saturday, May 5, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday: Derby Style

Mr. R., Pip, and I were invited to a Cinco de DERBY Party. Fancy hats and mint juleps required for the 1st half and mustaches and sombreros preferred for the second. We stepped out in our finest Derby gear this afternoon and joined good friends for the "Run for the Roses".  Pip was very entertained by all the hats, cheering, and clapping. 

This year I actually took my horse picks pretty seriously and read up on my choices. I picked Union Rags and was sure he would be the winner. Luckily Mr. R. and cheap and didn't place any money on my pick. I think my guy came in DEAD last.
This was her face after we told her she didn't win. After the race, our hats and heels came off and corn hole was played and more salsa than I would like to admit was eaten.  We left with a very tired baby, patting ourselves on the back for getting out of the house and making time for friends. 


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