Friday, May 11, 2012

Her FIRST Birthday Card

 Our baby turns ONE tomorrow. I am in shock. How have 365 days passed since I first saw her face, counted her fingers, and officially named her Piper Jayne. She has received a few early birthday cards from friends and family this week.
 Sweet Katie, a friend from college, was the first to wish Pip a Happy Birthday. Piper's favorite neighborhood bulldog, Cosmo, even dropped off a card. But the card Pip loves the most, the one she carries around from room to room, came from Mr. and Mrs. Republican Sr. 
  Mr. R.'s parent's found a card that sings Hip Hip Hooray for Winnie the Pooh and to say Pip loves it is an understatement. She has spent no less than an hour opening and closing it. When the song starts to play she sway with the music swinging her arms from side to side with a giant grin plastered on her face. 
I sed to say that my birthday was the favorite day of the year, but I think May 12th might just edge out March 19th...or at least become a very close second. 

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