Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hat Practice

My Aunt Michelle hosted my Mom, my Grandmother, and me for high tea when I was nine. I wore my best church dress, my fanciest hat, and white gloves. We had finger sandwiches, cookies, and tea in china cups and saucers. I remember feeling so special and so grown-up. 
I love that memory. 
In celebration of Piper's 1st Birthday we will be hosting high tea. We have invited all of our favorite people and in two weeks our house will hopefully be filled with fancy hats, white gloves, bow-ties, and lots of memory making opportunities. 
There is only one small problem. My girl doesn't like shoes, socks or hats! 
The minute you put any of these accessories on her she uses all her available energy to pull them off. I have started including hat practice as part of our after dinner before bed routine. Hat practice basically boils down to me putting the hat on Pip's head and Piper pulling it off immediately. 
At least I am trying right?

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