Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Piper Jayne!

I am typing this post still in disbelief that my girl is one. 
21 pounds
28 inches tall
90th percentile for height
60th for weight
Talking: she says Dada, Mama, dog, book, and no. She also babbles constantly, yells at the dogs, and I am pretty sure she talks back to us after we tell her no. She also talks with her hands. When she is excited or angry its jazz hands all the way.
Walking: Pip walks quickly and with purpose when she is behind her walker, but without something to hold on to, she takes two steps and sits down. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING! She loves to open drawers and cabinets dumping their contents out and on to the floor. This week her new thing has been pulling all of her books off her books shelf. She seems to love Sesame Street books the most with Olivia the Pig books coming a close second.
 Motor Skills: She is still learning to stack things. She has no problem stacking her soft big blocks, but the small wooden ones are still a challenge. She continues to love to play Godzilla/Pip-zilla and knock down any block or sand towers we try to make. She feeds herself now, but does not use her spoon. It is hands all the way around here. Last night she had her 1st taste of icing and LOVED it. Once the icing was gone from her cupcake she declared herself done and demanded icing from my grandmother's coconut cupcake. Have I mentioned that she is very vocal and demanding. This little girl knows what she wants! (I keep telling her father that she picked up that trait from him).
Social Skills: Piper continues to be shy with strangers. She will wave hello and goodbye, but if a new person attempts to talk to her or touch her she buries her head in my neck until they step back or leave. With family and friends Pip will babble, share food, show-off newly acquired skills, and sometimes sing.
Eating: She continues to be a good eater loving all fruits, chomping down on veggies (her current favorites being broccoli, corn, black olives, beans, and grape tomatoes), this month she had her first taste of pork (she tolerated it), pizza (she loved it and demanded more!), and cake. Cake was the overall winner. She claps and yells when she sees cake now. 
Personality: This girl is a sassy. She knows what she wants. And she is trying to learn how exactly to get what she wants. She has become increasingly vocal this month, screaming, singing, and laughing loudly. She did throw her 1st fit in the hospital last week, but luckily it was short lived and we haven't seen on since. 
We feel incredibly lucky to be the parents of such a funny, happy, silly, little girl. I know I say this a lot, but I really cannot imagine my life without her. She really was the missing piece of our family. 

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