Thursday, May 17, 2012

All about Mom Questionnaire

Answered by Piper, age 1!, (with help from Mr. R.)
 I saw these all over pinterest and the blogosphere this year and I wanted to be  a part of it.
I also think this would be a great yearly tradition (hint, hint Mr. R!)

And now onto the questions:

1. I really love it when my mom sings, even though she is tone deaf.
2. My mom likes to wear pajamas.
3. My mom calls me monkey or Pippa-girl.
4. The best thing she does is feed me my bottle.
5. It makes her happy when I am asleep.
6. My mom loves to relax by, mommy relaxes? not on my watch!
7. I like it when she dances with me and takes me to the pool.
8. The best thing she cooks is grits and my new fave popcorn.
9. When my mom shops, she likes to buy shoes.
10. My mom's favorite household chore is cleaning up all the books I throw on the floor. 
11. My mom's favorite TV show is Modern Family.
12. If she could go on a trip, she would go to a spa.
13. I love my mom because she loves me.

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