Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Screen Sunday

 The amazing Miss Rita offered up her babysitting services this afternoon to give Mr. R. and I an afternoon on the town. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Miss Rita? I joined Ironman for a Panera lunch date, magazine reading at Barnes, and The Avengers. We both loved the Avengers. Lots of blowing stuff up and smashing things for Mr. R. and plenty of screen shots of Ironman and Thor for me. But seriously, the movie is smart and witty. Tony Stark's one liners were awesome and our fellow theater going patrons must have felt the same. They belly laughed with us, gasped with us, and applauded when the good guys won. We have been home a few hours now and Pip is entertaining us with her new dancing skills and ability to empty everything out of a cabinet in less than 10 seconds. I may not be a super hero, but I can take solace in my ability to chase a fast crawling baby, not trip over the million toys she pulls out, and make her laugh while playing peek-a-boo for the bajillionth time today. 
Photos of Mr. R. circa May 2010.

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