Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Mr. R. loves Pip with all his heart. And the day we found out she was a girl he rejoiced right a long with me. He didn't hesitate in sharing my joy over pink, glitter, bows, and hopefully a ballet class in the future. He said he never cared one bit if that baby in my belly was a boy or a girl. He just wanted her to be healthy. 
Since Miss Pip's arrival, Mr. R. hasn't let that second X chromosome stop him from introducing her to the things he loves. She has seen Star Wars episodes 5 & 6. She has held a light saber and tried to attack the pups. And she has fallen asleep to chapters from Lord of the Rings.

 Last Sunday she made Mr. R's heart melt when she picked up her first LEGO. They spent 30 minutes laying on the floor trying to fit pieces together. He made her a princess castle and she got to add the final block. This scene has been happening almost nightly.
He said he always knew he would love having a girl.

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