Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some light reading for your Tuesday afternoon.

Pip has always been really into books, but recently she has become a full blown bookworm. She gathers up a stack of books and will plop down on the floor and carefully examine each one. She looks at each page slowly taking in the colors and pictures and trying to pick out animals she knows. We have one Disney Princess book that features Pocahontas and forest animals. She loves to find the rabbits on each page. She calls them "babbit" and she loves to point out the birds and the deer. She calls deer "ears" and DOES NOT like to be corrected. Her current favorite read aloud book is Olivia. I read it at least 3 times a day and poor Miss Rita must read it about 5 - 10 times. 
As I type this Piper is splashing Jeff in the tub and screaming as loudly as possible, don't worry they are happy screams. Our kid is VERY loud. So in these pictures, where she is seated and quiet, for ten minutes each day, imagine Mr. R. and I resting and recharging for the next Piper tornado.

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