Sunday, September 23, 2012

D is for Doughnuts and Dinosaurs

Saturday we headed to Jacksonville's Museum of Science and History to visit Sue the Dinosaur. Going along with our D theme for the day we also stopped at Dunkin' Doughnuts for Pumpkin coffee and a pumpkin doughnut.
Sue was the dinosaur discovered in Faith, SD when Mr. R. and I were in second grade. I remember reading many a scholastic magazine article about Sue in grade school and it was really awesome to see her up close and personal. It was amazing to see an almost complete T-rex skeleton and be dwarfed by it's size. I cannot imagine what the Earth must have looked like with dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Pip's favorite part, hands down, was the dinosaur dig. MOSH set up a giant sandbox complete with cast fossils, digging tools, and brushes. Our girl jumped in and played paleontologist for 45 minutes. She would dig up bones, recover them, drag them around the sandbox, and then brush away the sand.
MOSH also has a human body exhibit, St. John's river exhibit, and a sea life fossil exhibit. We were able to see almost everything without any complaints from Pip. I think she is enjoying her new freedom from the stroller.
Mr. R. is a somewhat of a space nerd and he spent sometime marveling at the pictures from the Hubble Telescope, the recreation of the Apollo space capsule, and the astronaut suits from the 1960s. I am telling you, those suits DO NOT look safe at all.
 I loved Saturday. I am loving that we are having family time, that we are taking adventures. I am loving that Pip is easy going. I am loving that we have new memories.

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