Saturday, September 8, 2012

Price is Right Date Night

  I have to give the Dating Divas credit for this adorable, affordable, and EASY date night.
#1: Print out the Price is Right Game Cards and make your guesses for Round 1
# 2: Drive to your local Target/Walmart
# 3: Check to see how well you did
 # 4: The Round One Winner Is: HILARY!
# 5: Fill out your Round Two cards

And the Round Two Winner Is: HILARY!

#6: Grab Snacks
 Our favorites are Icees and popcorn
#6: Round Three: Make your picks for High/Low and the Showcase Showdown
And guess what?
We WON the Showcase Showdown!
These are our surprise faces :)

And in the effort of keepin' it real on the blog we actually did some shopping.
We ended our date with pizza, a new book for Pip, and strawberries.


  1. Such a great idea. This would be fun to play with your own kids someday too, teaching them the value of money

  2. It was certainly eye opening to see exactly how much things cost. Mr. R. was way off in prices and I can attribute that to the fact I do the grocery shopping and manage the food budget each week. We will have to do this with Pip one day. Great idea!

  3. Your date-night ideas are the best! I really need to try one, my husband and I have about three dates a year since the little ones came along and just need some of this fun one-on-one time. Thanks for sharing these!!