Saturday, December 12, 2009

January dinner....

This summer I read Julie and Julia. I fell in love with Julia Child. And the idea that blogging can help you discover yourself and change your life. Now I am reading my life in Paris by Julia Child. She is endearing, wonderful, lovely, and most of all real. Today I watched Julie & Julia. (I missed it in theaters this summer.) It made me want to cook and eat and then cook some more.I am already scheduled to cook dinner for 12 tomorrow. At my house. The menu is old school Italian and the ingredients have already been purchased and are taking up every piece of open space in fridge. If I could, I would change my menu in heart beat and serve French food in Julia's honor.

My husband would kill me If I actually did this, so instead I am daydreaming about a dinner for 10 that I will host on a cold January night sometime after New Years. In case you can't attend, here is a rundown of my plan.

Dinner for 12:
French Onion Soup with garlic and Gruyere toasts.
Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon (in the crock)
Whipped mashed potatoes with crock-pot juice gravy
Crock-pot tomatoes & goat cheese with balsamic vinaigrette.

My goal is to only use two crock pots and serve 10 people.

I want to listen to french music, make use of my terrible french accent, and spend an evening with the people I love.

Also each guest MUST bring a sinful piece of dessert to share!


  1. Ooo, this makes me with I lived just a little bit closer to you :)

  2. That's suppose to wish...wish I lived just a little bit closer.

    Ironically, I also blogged about my viewing of Julie and Julia tonight.

  3. You can always plan a trip and stay over! We would love to have you!