Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Clues...

In my family it is not enough to just buy Christmas presents, you also have to leave clues about the presents and wrap them in deceiving boxes to throw the receiver off and keep him or her guessing about what's inside.

I am very pleased with the gifts I found for Mr. R this year. He is a tough guy to shop for and never gives me any clues about what he would like for Christmas. I know what he needs, i.e. socks, dress socks, underpants, and new brown shoes, but those gifts are NO FUN!

I can't very well reveal what I bought for Mr. R here on the blog, because he does stop in every now and I will leave for you his Christmas clues.

#1: "...much easier to wrap than a pineapple." (This is clue is an inside joke between us, but make reference to a popular TV show on USA network).

#2: "I am Batman! or maybe spiderman... no wait the Flash..."

#3: "because you can never have enough dihydrogenoxide" (yes, we have already well established that I am a biochem nerd).

#4: "You can never find yours, and I figure why not just give you more."

#5: Rock On!

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