Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm easy like a Sunday morning...

or maybe Sunday morning is easy like me?

On today's schedule: trip to Target, outlet shopping, lunch with Jeff, 3 mile run, afternoon nap, present wrapping, puppy walk, and Christmas movies. It was a bit chilly today so it was an amazing treat to stay bundled inside our new quilts until late morning.

I thought I would try to get back on track posting my daily eats and fitness plans. Better late then never right?

Breakfast: Coffee & Trade Joe's Pumpkin Waffle. This mix was purchased in San Francisco and I have been wanting to use it, just didn't have the time. I am kicking myself for waiting so long. The waffles were so good! Mr. R and I each had one and the pups managed to polish off 1/4 of a waffle too.

Snack: I got a bit hungry during outlet shopping and I forgot to pack a snack. I shared a container of pretzel nuggets and a water with Mr. R. It was just enough to keep the real hunger at bay and still keep shopping.

Lunch #1: We got home and yup, still hungry. I made a plate of babaganoush, spinach dip, pita & bagel chips. I also shared this with Mr. while I waited for our real lunch to heat.

Lunch #2: Yesterday in my crock pot craze I also made BBQ pork tenderloin. I served this sandwich style with coleslaw and sweet potato fries. The recipe is super simple and I plan on making this often. It makes a ton so plan to freeze about half.

Dinner?: Does coffee count as dinner? I am saying it does. Mr. R and I are also trying to get our latte budget under control, much like the family on the commercial that is currently airing on all TV stations. I love Starbucks, but seriously $3.50 for a latte is a bit much during a recession. So I made my own, in the crock pot. Using Stephanie's recipe I made skinny gingerbread lattes, (and then deskinnied them with homemade whipped cream). So good!

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