Monday, December 21, 2009

3 miles on the shortest day of the year!

I feel like Super Woman today!

I ran my three miles, wrapped my gifts, shopped for Christmas Eve dinner, visited Anthro for a bit, bought new latte bowls, (that we desperately needed!), and returned a few items to Target. We made it home before 3:30 and I begged Mr. R to run a quick 3 with me in our neighborhood. It is super chilly here, I know my friends up North will kills be for saying this! (They have 24 inches of snow!) I had to run in tights a long sleeve tee, and a tech shirt. I almost wanted to go back for my gloves! Dinner tonight was impromptu and totally inspired by Costco. They were demoing organic chicken meatballs seasoned with Basil and Parmesan. So Good!
My latte bowls are teal, turquoise, 0range and purple.
I would photograph them, but they are already in use!

Breakfast: Bagel chips with babagnoush (we are out of ALL breakfast foods here! Hence the necessary trip to Costco)
Lunch: Costco Pizza (one slice) with strawberries, sugar, and cream.
Dinner: Angel hair pasta with vodka sauce, chicken balls, and roasted garlic asparagus (served in the new latte bowls!!!)

FYI: Coleman makes the chicken meatballs I was raving about. They are organic, but I wouldn't exactly call them WW friendly.

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