Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This girl needs a play kitchen STAT!

Piper is getting more and more mobile by the day. She is an incredibly fast crawler and can pull herself up into a standing position on almost anything. She can even take a few baby steps from one piece of furniture to another if she holds on to the furniture or us with a white knuckle death grip.
That being said, her new found mobility often leads her into the kitchen. She loves to play inside the refrigerator, she rearranges shelves, pulls out containers, and opens drawers. The dogs are in heaven as most of the time a scrap or two of food escapes the fridge and takes up residence on our kitchen floor.
Piper also loves the tupperware cabinet. She pulls out containers of various shapes and sizes and proceeds to crawl with them and carry our containers to various locations in the house. Last night I found two containers under the dining room table!

Looks like Mr. R. and I better start working on that kitchen set sooner rather than later.

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