Sunday, March 4, 2012

Egg on her face

Piper had her 1st taste of hard boiled egg today. After doing much research and reading on the subject of introducing a baby to new foods we decided to just dive right in. Piper is now the proud owner of SIX chompers (teeth) and she is using them to chew on anything and everything. At her 9 month appointment our doctor suggested we move to feeding her stage 3 foods and bits of our food. I was beyond excited for those words because it means less prep work for me. The more of our food Pip eats the less of a short-order cook I become. 
We started with cheerios, chunks of apple and pear, green beans, black beans, and Ritz crackers. Piper loves to pick up the food and feed herself so we try to do that most of the time. We also try to make sure she gets a fruit, vegetable, protein and diary with each meal. 
To help make meal time less complicated I chop-up, wash, and prep all her food for the week. Then we store it in tupperware, this one is from the baby bullet. This container will feed Pip for two days and it's portable! Today's container holds sliced strawberries, string cheese chunks, goldfish, hardboiled egg, black and pinto beans, and mandarin orange sections.

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