Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exhaustion, you are not a face I wear well.

Piper is getting her I-teeth. I hear from other Mom's out there that these are the most painful, if you don't count the 2 year old molars. She has been fussy since Thursday, but Mr. R. and I can deal with fussy.

We have spent lots of time outside, taking walks, playing on the porch, and visiting a few of our favorite local shops. On Saturday afternoon she started to feel warm. 99 degrees Fahrenheit. By Saturday night she was irritable, refusing to sleep, refusing to eat, and 101 degrees. We started the children's tylenol, but 2 AM she was willing to lay in her crib. By 3AM she was finally sleeping. 

She is back to her non-feverish, smiley self this morning. And Mr. R. and I are very caffeinated. I have been sleep deprived since Friday at 4:30 AM. Here's hoping she is willing to nap soon. If not I might be choosing a 7:00 PM bedtime for the entire Republican household.

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