Monday, March 12, 2012

Amazing Monday!

Miss Pip is still in teething mode. According to Mr. R., she spent most of today crying, whining, refusing food, and chewing on various toys and tupperware. By the time I made it home, Mr. R. was exhausted and looking for an outlet. 
A quick walk around the block with the pups. 
A trip to the bike shop. Miss Pip is now the proud owner of an infant sized bike helmet :)
We stopped in the meet the owners of a new ice cream shop, Coneheads, on the island. They are really sweet and the ice cream is divine. Try the thin mint, you will NOT be disappointed!
On the way home we detoured to Barnes and Noble to check out the picture books. Miss Pip is a HUGE fan of the Olivia series. She will sit and look at the black and white sketches for 15 minutes straight. (That is almost an eon in Piper time!) She also made friends with Curious George before we headed home.
It would have been easy to stay in this afternoon.
We were all tired. Piper was in a rotten mood.
But fresh air, a trip to the island, ice cream tasting, and a few picture books can cure almost anything around here. Piper has been asleep for almost an hour now, dinner dishes are already washed and put away, and I am feeling pretty high on life. 

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