Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I started out this month with great intentions of taking time each day to blog about what I am thankful for. And then life happened. So on thus Tuesday night, while dinner cooks in the over, and a very active 6 month old plays in her walker, I will attempt to catch up.

1: Facetime. This summer I splurged and purchased the iphone 4. For those of you who know me I am pretty frugal and my husband is down right cheap. A $200 iphone purchase is rather extravagant for us. But the iphone has facetime and for that I am thankful. Facetime allows us to real-time video chat with my Mom on an almost daily basis. From 700 miles away my mom has seen Piper's first bath, first laugh, first real food feeding, and first time in the walker. The iphone makes distance a mute point and for that I am thankful.

2: My camera. My camera is like my left arm. It is used daily to capture those everyday wonderful moments that could easily go un-photographed and forgotten.

3: My husband. In just 6 months my husband has transformed into a loving father who is an excellent diaper changer, bath giver, bottle maker, and night-time story teller.

4: Modern Family. I LOVE THAT SHOW. It is the highlight of my Wednesday nights and as much as I like to pretend I am not Claire, I secretly love her wardrobe.

5: Uncle Robert. He came for two weeks this month to celebrate birthdays, help out my Grandparents, and spend some much needed quality time with Piper. He kept us updated on the stock market, new books at Barnes and Noble, and the Wall Street Journal. We miss him now that he is back in Jersey, but we look forward to his return in January.

6: Rockin' Elmo. Pip loves him. He provides daily entertainment and he allows me to steal away a few minutes for myself while Pip bangs on her tambourine.

7: Community Season 2 on DVD and surprises from the hubs. He found said DVD on super sale at Target and brought it home Monday night as a surprise. We have been watching an episode a night and it is hilarious. I love that it has given a new nightly routine and a few more inside jokes to share.

8: Our waffle maker. Saturday morning waffles are my favorite as well as breakfast for dinner on week nights. Jeff is a big fan of the banana variety. I like that it means a healthy meal is on our table in less than 20 minutes.

9: The pups. They are always happy to see me. They are always willing to go for a long walk, even in the rain. They keep my side of the bed warm. They are the best alarm clock money can buy. Even with the time change they still somehow know when it's 5:00 AM

10: Pip's walker. She LOVES her new toy. It squeaks, buzzes, plays music, allows her to move around the house. Her walker has given her a taste of independence and girlfriend is loving every second of it.

11: Thankful for KRISTIN! She is one of my most favorite people and I am so grateful she is in my life. She is an amazing baker, a great listener, and a thoughtful friend. She always thinks of others first and is willing to offer her help to anyone in need. I am going to miss her so much when she takes her dream job.

12: My job. This year is not ideal and I am not loving everyday. But I am grateful I have a job that allows me to have nights and weekends off. I am able to arrive home by 3:30 and spend my afternoons taking family walks, cooking dinner, and playing with my girl. My job allows me to have summers off and travel during the holidays.

13: Thankful for Harper. Pip's BFF is currently growing and getting ready to make her debut. I am very thankful that Danielle has had a healthy pregnancy and that Pip will soon have a friend to grow with. I am also excited to have a friend to share Mommyhood with. It helps when someone else understands and is going through it at the same time.

14: My mom. Growing up I highly undervalued my Mom's brilliance. Now that I am "in charge" of my own household and I have to make the decisions I realize how hard adulthood and parenting really is. Thankfully my Mom is only a phone call away and her advice is still amazing.

15: The white noise machine. It blocks out all noise from  phone calls, doorbells, barking dogs, and the fed-ex truck. The white noise machine makes 7:30 bedtime possible AND elongates naptime. I am a happy mom.

16: Smores. I know it sounds crazy, but this summer and fall smores have been our dessert of choice. They are the perfect bite of gooey, crunchy, and sweet. They can be made in the oven or around a bonfire. They make me think of my summers at camp and Missionette weekends.

Stay tuned for 14 more days of thankful!

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