Sunday, November 20, 2011

And so I cooked.

I really hate to admit this, but I have started to love cooking! I feel at home in my kitchen. With music on, pots boiling, pan simmering, veggies chopping, and the dishwasher (always running now! It's all the baby stuff I tell you), I feel at peace.

 I cook to feed my family and to control the quality of food we consume. I cook because I like to try new foods. And I cook because in truth I really don't enjoy eating out, especially with a baby. In the words of my father-in -law, it's like trying to eat a nice meal while holding a 15 pound watermelon. (Truer words have never been spoken).

Cooking has become a time to turn my mind off.
And so yesterday I cooked.

And we will be eating so well this week.
(FYI: I try to cook 6 meals on one weekend day and then eat those meals throughout the week. The other two days we will eat take-out or leftovers).

I made one squash (sliced in half it serves 4). We split one for lunch yesterday and will eat the other half later this week.

Do not skimp out on the toppings, the marscapone, goat cheese, and bacon are where it's at.
(We had this for dinner last night and I would gladly eat it for all of my meals today)

Follow this recipe, and make 16 sliders instead of 4 burgers. The sliders freeze really well and we will eat 4 for dinner this week (2 each) and freeze the rest.

Liquid cheeseburger. Enough said.

Dinner #5: Eggnog Waffles
I found pumpkin eggnog at Publix. And then I needed to find a way to use it. It helps that we really like waffles in our house. These also freeze really well. Just reheat in toaster over for easy dinner/breakfast.

I am cooking Thanksgiving this year so dinner #6 will not be made until Thursday. And the leftovers will be enjoyed for weeks to come! I am in the process of finalizing recipes and a shopping list. I do think pumpkin risotto will be making an appearance on our table this year!
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