Sunday, September 18, 2011

We're ready to cheer on America's Team!

Her Dad is already teaching her to say Romo and "Go Team Go"!
 A few facts about Mr. R. and his team.
1. He has loved the cowboys since 1990.
2. He saw them play in Dallas 11 years ago and he's chomping at the bit to see the new stadium.
 3. His favorite player is Emmitt Smith.
4. He owns four Dallas jerseys along an assortment of other Dallas clothing items.
5. Six of our Christmas tree ornaments are devoted to the Cowboys.
 6. Mr. R. and his Mom are the only Dallas fans in his family. The rest of the Republican clan root for the Dirty Birds.
7. Even though he wears a Romo jersey he believes Aikman is the best quarterback.
 8. His favorite game is anytime they beat the Eagles.
9. According to Mr. R, Thanksgiving dinner must be eaten before Dallas plays. Dessert may be served during the game. Preferably pumpkin pie. 
10. His prediction for this season, 10 and 6.
Here's hoping for a win today! 


  1. Those leggings are too cute for words. Seriously.

  2. They are pretty awesome. And the good news is they stretch! I see a long life of wear in their future :)