Saturday, September 3, 2011

Living the mat life

I would love to go back in time and laugh in the face of my pre-Piper self. Why you ask? You see, I was under the impression that my house would NOT be a baby house. My living areas would not contain baby toys. And all of my baby's things would be housed in her room or in hidden corners. Mr. R. and I thought that while our life might change with the addition of a child, our living space would not. 
Oh how silly I was :)
Currently our media room houses a swing, activity mat, bumbo, and bouncy chair. Our living room is home to 8 children's books scattered on our coffee table. (Yes 8 books, our girl likes a variety).
A stroller takes up residence next to our bedroom door. And a jogging stroller sits on our porch.
And if that were not enough, we added more to the mix today. Today Mr. R. and I covered our hard earned wood floors with foam tiles. The wood floors we saved for, paid for, and sweated over are now covered with foam tiles depicting the ABCs. 
And you know what, I love those floor tiles. Those tiles are the place Piper learned to roll onto her back. They will be where she sits up unassisted for the first time. And where she crawls from toy to toy. Those tiles may be the place she takes her first steps.
As much as I didn't want it. Our house has been taken over by a 25 inch, 13 pounder. And I am okay with it. After all, she is pretty awesome. 

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  1. Your honesty makes me smile. I stayed with a friend of a friend this summer when I was in Miami for the triathlon. She is a mom to a 13 month old, still has her condo in a high rise just off Brickle and overlooking the causeway and bay. Despite the posh neighborhood, yes, the condo was overrun with baby stuff. I think it just happens. But the reason I'm thinking of it is that her entire area rug in her living area was covered with the cutest pink and brown alphabet foam mat. I have to admit, it was very comfy to walk on, sit on, lie on, etc. VERY COMFY!