Monday, September 12, 2011

4 months!?!

Dear Piper, 
How are you 4 months old already? I feel like we just brought you home from the hospital. Sweet girl you are the best thing that has ever happened to your dad and me. You fill our days with joy. You make us laugh. And even though we are tired beyond measure, we cannot imagine a single second without you. 
You have started to giggle this month. You have been squealing since three months, but now before the squeal you giggle and snort with laughter. You also love to play peek-a-boo and to have your toes and belly tickled. You still love the water and now with your increased coordination you can splash and kick. You are able to grasp toys in your hands and try to hold you bottle. You have even tried to grab your bottle from your Dad's hands. You are living up to your nickname of Miss Independent. 
You are doing much better with tummy time at 4 months and your little legs move constantly trying to crawl and scoot. You aren't actually moving yet. Your eyes have officially settled on being green like your Dad's, but you maintain my almond eye shape. You are looking more like me now, but you definitely have your Dad's cheeks, eyelashes, and hair. 
You currently weigh 13 pounds and measure 25 inches. Your favorite toys include the octopus, your plastic purse, and the turtle rings. You love to chew on your purse and the turtle. You have become a much better sleeper this past month, only waking up twice during the night. You are still sleeping in you bassinet and continue to despise your crib. 
You are simply amazing! As much as we want you to walk and talk and show your personality already, I also want you to stay my sweet cuddly baby forever.
Happy Four Months Pippa!
Photos by Taylor DeMaio
Daisy Mai Photography


  1. Happy Birthday precious Piper. Why am I sitting here at 2:30 in the morning admiring how beautiful you look in your yellow sweater and hat? Because I remembered it was your birthday and I wanted to see what your Mom and Dad had posted for me to enjoy. I love looking at your blog. Sometime I even go back and look at it from the beginning when your were born. You are growing up so fast that one of these days I won't have time to do that or I'll never get to sleep. Dear Baby Piper I just wanted to tell you how much I have grown to love you in these four short months and look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful young lady. Just don't do it so fast--OK? Love and Kisses Granny Faye

  2. Faye, You note is so sweet! Thank you for being part of our lives. I am printing this out to put in her scrapbook. Our little girl is so blessed to be surrounded by so much love!